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I want to do some self-motivators to keep myself going for long sessions and maintain focus.

Set hour amount session goals.
At first it’ll be good just to have the structure and want to hit those goals. Once I’m hitting them no problem I’ll go back to just working until my productivity falls. I can post my goals here, maybe use some kind of check-in system to allow any followers to stay aware of how aligned I’m staying. Once my goals go public, faltering means embarrassment.

Caffeine and nootropics.
I have a cycle I go through with caffeine. Once I get to the point where I’m at 3 Red bulls or cups of coffee a day I quit for at least a few days so it can regain some potency.

Wear an EEG.
I can have the volume of my music directly related to how much I’m concentrating. That way I have real time feedback of my concentration levels and can keep myself focused.

Have my commit logs with timestamps published here.

Have degrading messages post on my twitter/facebook when I don’t meet goals I set out for myself. Also post the amount of active minutes I spent on twitter + facebook that day to show everyone how much extra time I could have put towards being productive and getting closer to those goals.