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I don’t have any cool graphs yet. I have been working a lot though. Completely different routine than normal for me. Instead of super long sessions with no breaks where I grind it out I’ve actually been taking a ton of breaks. It’s easy to get distracted here.

I’m staying on pace to meet the requirements I set down for myself for the 10th. I may actually be even a little ahead schedule, which is good because I know I’m going to want to crash badly one of these days. I’ve been averaging about 4.5 hours of sleep per 24 hours for the last 6 days. I’ll take any where from 90 minutes to 4 hours of sleep and get working again. My GitHub’s commits by time of day looks completely random.

Besides that my diet this past week has been: Oreos, Funyuns, Goldfish, Cheez-Its, Teddy Grahams-chocolate, Caffeinated Mio, Redbull, Kit Kats, and random nootropics. Also whatever Chase makes ^_^
Are there any slightly healthier foods that meet these requirements?
Don’t need to be refrigerated
Require no preparation or effort to eat
Are meant to be eaten in large quantities
Preferably won’t get my fingers messy since I’ll be at a keyboard