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It is now Friday a little after 1:00AM. A typical Friday night means a bunch of people coming over and hanging out which results in my productivity decreasing. So rather than let myself fall into a situation where I have a tough decision or need to execute willpower in order to continue being productive I have decided to work all day from now. This preemptively handles the situation.

I’m setting myself a goal to work for the next 16-18 hours. I’ve just slept for 90 minutes (42 minutes deep; 14 minutes REM) so I should be good to go. Goldfish and Ritz Bitz should hold me over until about noon when I’ll order some delivery. I’ll see if I can do it without caffeine, although I doubt it. Around 7:00PM my decision then becomes do I want to go to sleep or do I want to hang out instead of the a choice between working and hanging out.